Over the last year I have found that EXPHYS have been invaluable in helping me achieve my physical and mental goals. They not only provided the coaching I needed but have been mentors to me in the time I have known them. I would recommend their services to anyone who would ask.


Dean was referred to EXPHYS by his workers compensation case manager

Dear Chris, Firstly it’s been a pleasure dealing with you. I had no idea what an Exercise Physiologist did, let alone how to spell it. The change in my injury has been remarkable. The exercises have helped beyond what I thought may happen without surgery. I can only thank you, and the way you dealt with my WorkCover insurance company. They too have been most pleased in your professionalism including your desire to keep them informed of my progress at all stages. Thanks again, and with the knowledge you’ve given me I feel more confident that things will be far better into the future. All the best.


Phill was referred to EXPHYS by his workers compensation case manager and doctor

Two years ago I started seeing Vicky at EXPHYS. I was not in a great place and struggling to get out of bed each day. After learning of my situation, Vicky put a successful strategy in place that got me moving every day and we worked on building my rehabilitation and health from there. Aside from the physical achievements and transformation to my body, far and away the most significant impact this rehabilitation has had has been on my mood and my life. It has really turned my life around for the better, I feel alive again. I cannot thank you enough for being so supportive and understanding, for working with me during the good times and the bad, for being flexible and modifying my recovery program as needed, and for having such extensive knowledge that allowed me to achieve my goals (once we worked out what they were), you really have changed my life for the better.


Mary was referred to EXPHYS by her vocational rehabilitation counsellor

* Names of clients and customers are not in full for confidentiality reasons