EXPHYS®’ bespoke telehealth service has supported hundreds of clients since 2017. It is effective, accessible, safe, easy and convenient.

Available to all Australians and New Zealanders. Geography is not a limitation.

All you need is a smartphone, iPad, or computer to video call EXPHYS®’ exercise physiologist. Alternatively, we will telephone if preferred.

There are many components that make up EXPHYS®’ bespoke telehealth service.

  1. Interviewing. You are easily onboarded with EXPHYS®’ telehealth app, creating a positive experience.
  2. Assessment. Our expert team can easily, and safety assess your current function.
  3. Coaching. We coach you, to create a sense of safety and establish a clear path to restore your health and function.
  4. Movement Prescription. We love making our sessions fun and highly individualised for you to achieve your goals.
  5. Device Use. We use the most up-to-date technology to get you the best results.
  6. Support In Your Pocket. You have support in your pocket by having your personally recorded videos and photos of your program at any time. We can also email or post your program, if desired.

Hybrid Program

EXPHYS®’ bespoke telehealth service can also be combined with face-to-face through our extensive geographical coverage.

Refer for EXPHYS®’ Telehealth service by getting in touch with us here.