EXPHYS®’ team of 18 exercise physiologists are based throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.  Contact us for EXPHYS®’ complete professional team profile.

EXPHYS® is led by Dr Vicky Phillips and Mr Chris Sinclair, who are passionate about the positive difference that high quality exercise physiology achieves.

The entire EXPHYS team recognise the privileged and meaningful role we have assisting our clients to restore their health for life and work.  We are driven to deliver exceptional customer service and health outcomes, to both our referred clients and referring customers.

Dr Vicky Phillips

Director | Exercise Physiologist

PhD, BPhEd (Ex&SpSc) (1st Class Hons) ESSAM AEP

Awarded a PhD doctorate in Exercise Physiology at an impressively young age, following attainment of first class honours.

A sought after expert who advises industry, she practically teaches her 15 years of professional experience and knowledge.

Dr Phillips has presented her research at international conferences, and published her findings in well regarded academic journals, such as the official journal for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Cited by reputable academics, Dr Phillips is an invited peer-reviewer of respected academic journals.

Current and prior affiliations with University of Sydney, Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney, and University of Otago.  She mentors bright up-and-coming tertiary students, and collaborates with universities.  Dr Phillips oversees research and operational management at EXPHYS®.

Dr Phillips is the mother of three daughters.  She is a top-3 finisher of many on and off-road full marathons throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Chris Sinclair

Director | Exercise Physiologist

BPhEd (Ex&SpSc) (1st Class Hons) ESSAM AEP

15 years clinical and rehabilitation experience, across a range of roles including high performance, rehabilitation consulting, medico-legal, injury and illness management, and directorship.

Specialises in insurance rehabilitation and recovery.  Academically published and presented.

Subject matter expert to industry.  Represents the Australian exercise physiology profession on several projects and and governmental reviews.  Advocates for the New Zealand exercise physiology profession.

Expert consultant in high performance, neuro-immune biological pain science and fatigue, cancer, and mental wellbeing.

Founding co-director of EXPHYS®, health for life and work.  Leads a team of 15+ exceptional exercise physiologists making a difference to the niched, injury and illness insurance industry.  Chris oversees human resources, culture and governance at EXPHYS®.

Chris is the father of three daughters.  He coaches high performance, leadership and game management in NSW Shute Shield Premiership Rugby, Australia.