You need experts who restore the health and function of your members and insured, for life and work performance.

It is important the health benefits of work are experienced by your members.   Let our industry experience and knowledge assist you to achieve your goals, and provide a positive customer experience. Obtaining timely upgrades in functional and work capacity, transferring to improved work and life performance is our priority. This is achieved through goal focused recovery at work and daily activity plans. This encompasses both mental and physical functioning. We identify biopsychosocial barriers with solutions to overcome these, by thinking outside the square.

Teaming up with the other support parties to have your member return to work is essential. We’ll involve you throughout the process, keeping you updated and involved with decisions. You can be confident we do what’s required to get the job done. If a case conference is needed, it’s sorted. If a workplace or home program would be beneficial, we’ll get right on it. If an intervention is required for a complex case or medical condition, leave it with us as this is our specialty.

You can be confident knowing that our team have expert knowledge, experience and understanding working across a number of medical conditions, including; cancer, fatigue, mental health, musculoskeletal and persistent pain.

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